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Transportation Service

Transportation Service

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Bus routes/schedule
Click the building tabs on the bottom of the bus route sheet to find your school, the bus route link is found below.

Transportation at Marion City Schools
Marion City Schools' Transportation Department transports about 2,400 students to and from school each day. Supervisor, Kevin Houpt, secretary, Ann Borders, and full-time and substitute bus drivers and bus aides take their work including ensuring the safety of students very seriously.
Each year, drivers perform multiple hours of in-service to reinforce safety procedures, driving skills and student interaction. It is the department's top priority to make sure students arrive safely and in a timely manner at school and back home.
The transportation department realizes this job can't be done by staff alone. Support is needed from administration, co-workers, and most importantly parents and guardians to make sure each year is a successful one. Kevin Houpt encourages families to be involved in educating their children about how to be safe at bus stops and on the bus. It is helpful for parents and guardians to remind their children that it's important to obey all rules on the bus just like they need to in school.
Transportation Policy
It is the policy of the Marion City Schools Board of Education to provide transportation to those students whose distance from their school makes this service necessary within the limitations established by state law. Such laws and rules shall govern any question not covered by this policy.

We are Hiring! Apply Here.

We're Hiring!

Transportation Contact

Kevin Houpt
Ann Borders

490 W. Fairground St.
Marion, OH 43302
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